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We know… getting reviewed by sites like IAR can be really frustrating. So what exactly do we look for when selecting apps to review?

Production Quality: A well-polished app with quality artwork is much more likely to get reviewed than one that looks like crap! This does not mean that every pretty app gets reviewed… so if we don’t choose to review yours please don’t take it personally… but, generally speaking, looks do matter.

Originality: Yeah, originality is hard to come by when you’re competing with so many other apps! But if your app does something we’ve never seen before then your chances of getting reviewed are better than most.

Broad Appeal: Niche apps are great, but if it’s too niche then your only hope is that one of our reviewers happens to fall into your target audience.

And a note to small developers: IAR is on your side! Even though we don’t really know how big or how small your app development business is we like the idea of giving the little guys a chance. We do review apps from “name brand” developers, but we certainly don’t try to favor them in any way. We love seeing quality no matter who it comes from.

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