Get in shape with SOTKA: fitness for beginners

sotka fitness app iphone

SOTKA has already helped 300,000 people all over the world to transform their lives! Now it is available in English!

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This is a free educational course developed for those, who only start their training or get back on a track after a long break or injury. Our main goal – to educate and train people of any age, gender or physical conditions.

sotka fitness app iphone

SOTKA program is designed for 100 days, during which you will everyday get new useful information and perform training complexes consisted of basic bodyweight exercises.

SOTKA is divided into 2 big theory blocks, each covering all the main topics and providing answers to all your questions.

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sotka fitness app iphone

BASIC Block (Day 1 to Day 49):

– Detailed review of bodyweight exercises;
– Detailed review of nutrition;
– Infoposts with answers to the most popular beginner’s questions: how to breath, how to improve flexibility, how to train during summer/winter, how to learn pull-ups from scratch, how much water to drink, how long should training session be and etc.

ADVANCED Block (Day 50 to Day 91):

– Exercise’s biomechanics and muscle work;
– New training techniques every week;
– Detailed review on different body systems;
– Practicum on training programms development;

TURBO Block (Day 92 to Day 98):

– Challenge yourself with 7 unique training routines;

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sotka fitness app iphone

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