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The Power of Happiness is in your hands

Happiness is one of our most powerful emotions. It transcends borders, enriches relationships and creates a better world for everyone. My Happy has been created to give you the power to share your happy thoughts and reach out to anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world – and make their day.

Built on our belief that happiness is infinitely shareable, My Happy gives users the world over the means to create and share their positivity through a beautifully designed App.

We want to create a movement with ‘Happies’ at the heart – exclusive galleries of inspirational, aspirational and affirmative artworks with messages tailored to every occasion.

Whether you want to make your best friend smile or offer thoughtful support in a difficult time, Happies make it quicker, easier and more meaningful than ever before. You can even create your own!

We’ve created an entire community who have all come together motivated by the desire to spread happiness. So get involved, tap into the positivity at your fingertips and join the My Happy movement today.

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