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iDzyn ($1.99)

iTunes Category: Productivity | Compatible with iPad

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iDzyn makes customizing, editing, decorating, and sending images incredibly easy and fun! It’s the ultimate creative design App and it’s simple to use. iDzyn allows for importing of photos and images. Once they are in iDzyn they can be manipulated, annotated and also enhanced using cropped icons from a variety of modules in iDzyn. It allows for rotating, resizing, image opacity and the ability to draw and erase. Type with hundreds of fonts, sizes and color options.

Once your project is complete, you can then save it, re-edit and email images and even share them on Facebook.

Powerful image editing options make iDzyn useful for businesses and schools. Kids can create personalized images, greeting cards, and game plans with ease. Professional presentations created with iDzyn will help you make your point and collaborate with others.

iDzyn includes 11 modules with hundreds of cropped images to create images, cards, ideas and illustrations FAST! The measure mode allows scaling and measuring on imported images. iDzyn has many more features. For additional information and to see more features visit and see our video at:

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