Don’t run with a plasma sword

Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword ($0.99) by XperimentalZ Games

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Made in the form of a side-scrolling runner, Don’t run with a plasma sword is a delight to play and watch. Boss fights, a levelling up system, perks, easy-to-use controls and an interesting backdrop make this title an addictive app. In the same category as ‘Jetpack Joyride’ and ‘Monster Dash’, ‘Don’t run’ treats users to a story mode and endless mode, both of which are enjoyable ways to play the game.


You are Cornelius, a worker at a comic stand waiting for something exciting to happen. When earth is threatened by invasion, the young hero pulls out his emergency plasma sword and tackles the attackers head on. Comic story boards tell players what’s happening progressively as you fight your way through the streets, ducking, dodging, slashing and mastering newly acquired moves. The formula is not entirely refreshing, though the experience contains constant, endless action.

The value to the app comes not only from the fighting, but the available arsenal. Attachments can be found while running or unlocked in the level-up store, and a positive is the fact that it doesn’t take long to gain such rewards. Obstacles are equally as dangerous as any enemy found; creating an environment that won’t bore often. The two dimensional graphics work well, as does the score, both of which aren’t groundbreaking but perform to what is required from an excellent ios title.

At only $0.99 in the app store for a limited time, Don’t run with a plasma sword is one of those games that keeps your coming back for more, even once all upgrades are purchased. Beating that high score, be it your own or someone else’s, is fun rather than annoying. It is this fact that sets this game apart from most.


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From XperimentalZ Games:


Fun As good as it gets for a side-scroller
Sound & Graphics An alien-based score and 2D graphics work well
Controls Tight and responsive
Replay Value Beating that score or boss again and again is a highlight
Overall An enjoyable app that rivals all in its genre
App Name: Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword (iTunes)
Version: 1.08
Price as of this writing: $0.99. A free version of this app is not available at this time.
iTunes category: Games
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: XperimentalZ Games
Device & iOS used for review: ##DEVICE##, iOS ##XX##

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