IAR’s 6 Random Freebies

This used to be called “Eric’s 6 Random Freebies” but it’s become something of a team effort so now our weekly collection of random free junk has a slightly different moniker.

The name may be different, but the untested freebies are just as free!

imeem Mobile by imeem – You like genre-based streaming music but, in an effort to fight the power, you refuse to join the Pandora army… maybe imeem is what you’re looking for!

Facts About Sex by Inner Four – Everything you never wanted to know about sex and were just too lazy to ask

College Football Live! by Plusmo – Play-by-play coverage + all kinds of NCAAF features = (potentially) very good app

SepiaCamera by Takayuki Fukatsu – If you’re too cheap to spring a buck or two for one of Mr. F’s other camera apps, grab this one for the low, low price of zilch

Question of the Day by Sporkfly Media – Entertain and/or annoy everyone around you with incessant questions that are none of your damn business

Flood-It! by LabPixies – With an average rating of 3.5 stars from nearly 11,000 reviews I have a feeling this app may have graced the Top 25 at some point but I’m not sure

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