App Sale: Falling Gems

Rocha Software says that Falling Gems is “FREE for a few days only!” There are a ton of crappy games out there making the same claim as an ongoing sales gimmick, but in this case I kind of believe that the price may actually go up because this one has the makings of a pretty good match 3 app.

In Falling Gems you slide the gems one space at a time to try and get at least three like-colored gems to touch. Make that happen and they disappear which earns you more time on the clock, but more gems fall in to take their place. That’s all there is to this game, but if Rocha could fit in some flashy powerups, global scoring, and maybe some extra game modes (ie: time attack or at least easy/medium/hard) then this would easily be worth a buck or two.

For the time being, though, Falling Gems is a mind-numbingly simple game with nice shiny-looking graphics. You can’t beat the price and, who knows, some upgrades may eventually make this game a contender in the genre.

Creepy emo soundtrack not included!

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