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Fart apps have been running rampant in the iTunes App Store for a little over a month now, and just when you thought iPhone software just couldn’t get any classier… iVomit Mobile comes along to crash the party!

It comes equipped with 20 sound effects that all sound pretty genuine but, surprisingly, that’s not really the highlight of this app. Nooooo, iVomit’s entertainment value isn’t in what you hear, it’s in what you see. Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny to listen to… not quite as funny as listening to a sputtering asscrack, mind you… but still funny nonetheless. It’s also every bit as disgusting and, thanks to the sick ingenuity of the folks at Magnificent Library, pressing the “Hurl Now!” button also results in various types of puke getting splattered across your iPhone screen!! Press it five or six times and your precious phone will be completely covered in virtual chunks! Pretty sweet.

That’s pretty much all this app does, but if bodily functions make you giggle like a schoolgirl then iVomit Mobile is a must-have. $.99 doesn’t seem too outrageous for an app of this quality and, like I said earlier, it’s more about what gets splattered on your screen than what’s coming out of the speaker. Just be glad InfoMedia’s iFart Mobile doesn’t do the same thing.

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  1. Rob Says:

    you guys really need to pick better apps to review.

  2. Chrisa Says:


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