Pretty much everyone, at some point in time, has had the uncontrollable urge to take a friend’s photo and do something truly evil with it. Juxtaposer is an awesome photo-editing tool that can make that dream a reality!

It may seem complicated at first, but it’s really not. Just choose a base image, then choose an image you want to paste over it, and start whittling away at the edges of the top photo until the two images have become one.

The genius of Juxtaposer is in how it handles the photo on top, the one you’re blending into the base image. Instead of actually erasing, it’s just creating a mask that hides the parts you don’t want. This means you can unerase which is by far one of the most valuable operations in this iPhone photo editor. There’s also undo which is awesome in itself, but being able to resurrect pieces of a photo is just brilliant.

Hendrik Kueck also built in different types of “brushes” for erasing your top photo, and with a little experimenting you’ll quickly find out that each has its own uses. There are also numerous other options that let you copy images, view images with transparency, zoom in for a better view, bring in more photos, and things like that.

You don’t have to be a genius with photo-editing software to use Juxtaposer, but it does help if you have a steady finger. There are numerous upgrades that would make Juxtaposer even more amazing like color operations for adjusting hue/brightness/contrast and varying brush sizes, but I’m quite certain the developer knows this already and just needs to decide how close he wants to come to turning this app into a full-fledged iPhone Photoshop tool.

If you’ve got photos and want to have some fun with them, get Juxtaposer! $2.99 is a very fair price for a photo editor of this caliber.

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    Sarah Palin’s 44 year old body doesn’t need any favors, chief…

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