Q&F: iBowl

SGN seems to have carved out a nice little niche for itself in the wide world of try-not-to-chuck-your-iPhone-out-the-window sports. iGolf was kind of fun even though it definitely put you at risk for hurling your phone at innocent bystanders.

iBowl is more of the same, but it doesn’t require a broad golf swing so your precious iPhone is much safer with this one. My first attempts at “bowling” with this thing were met with complete failure until I figured out that you have to hold the Bowl button during your swing and then release it like you’d release an actual bowling ball. When you get that part down, which isn’t hard, this app is alright.

I like this game better than iGolf because you get to play a full game, you can play it while sitting down… and it doesn’t take much to send the ball down the lane. And therein lies the secret to successful iBowling. :cool:

I'm so much better at this than real bowling, probably because I don't iBowl when I'm drunk

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