Squaresville is an iPhone-worthy version of that annoying sliding-number-tile game we’ve all played and gotten pissed off at some time in the distant past. You know exactly what I’m talking about… that thing where you have to arrange numbers 1-8 in sequence by sliding the tiles around inside a grid, and you inevitably wind up with one number that’s way out of place.

Rusty Ross took that old concept and substituted photos for numbers, and instead of eight tiles there are eleven. Using photos in a puzzle like this makes it more engaging for sure, but it also makes it a lot harder! When you’re dealing with numbers, you know where things are supposed to go… but that isn’t always the case with scrambled photos.

Squaresville is really simple in that the only functions are Change Picture and Solve Puzzle, and there’s also a shuffle button in case you want to re-play a puzzle or make it a little harder to solve. When (if) you finally solve your puzzle, you’re rewarded with some funny popping noises and a boingggg! sound which is a nice payoff.

This is a nice, simple, well-done application that will provide some amusement (and frustration) for puzzle fans. It’s only a buck, so if you liked this kind of puzzle with numbers you should definitely like it with photos from your camera roll instead.

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