iChalky’s description in the App Store reads like a case study on iPhone accelerometer physics. Eric Metois, iChalky’s creator, uses words like ‘coefficients’ and ‘heuristics’ and ‘perceptual measurements’. It all adds up to a quirky application that sends a frantic little chalkboard stick figure shaking and bouncing around on your iPhone screen as he tries to keep his balance.

I guess the clinical-sounding App Store text is fitting because iChalky really feels like an exercise that tests the iPhone’s accelerometer behavior and sound sensitivity. If you hold your iPhone really still, Chalky will stand motionless with a blank look on his face until he detects some kind of movement that sends him flailing about in an uncontrollable frenzy. Music and other sounds can also make him spaz out as he tries to “dance” to the beat. I can’t really criticize his dancing skills, but it’s fair to say he’s a way better dancer than me.

If watching a stick figure jiggle and shake isn’t enough you can also torture poor Chalky by grabbing him at any of his extremities or joints and stretch him in every direction. Drag him around by his head, by his hands, by his feet, by the “x” that forms his waist… or all of the above if you’re feeling especially sadistic. Chalky’s just hanging out and has nowhere to go, so you’re free to do with him what you will.

iChalky is unusual, unique, funny in an odd way, and above all it’s an interesting study in iPhone physics. It’s not for everyone, especially those with a short attention span, but at $.99 it might be worth installing if you’re looking for something new and off-the-wall or if you’re just interested in the experimental.

7 Responses to “iChalky”

  1. eduardo noe Says:

    :grin: :razz: :wink:

  2. g Says:

    I really hope that a future update will include items u can throw at him.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Awesome app! Love the “living thing” inside my iPhone :-D

  4. enco Says:

    I dont wont open acount to pay with credit card.
    give me a adress where i can sand you a dolar.


  5. hockeypuck Says:

    enco: LOL, you must be kidding about sending in a dollar, right? :lol:

    Chalky looks like a lot of fun! That guy on the video never really let him fall down.. Pretty neat when he added music. :mrgreen:

  6. pups Says:

    ich hoffe das sie das nicht für einen feuchten furz:D halten

  7. pups Says:

    fick dich in english fuck you :D :twisted: :twisted:

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