Disco Ball

The next time you’re at a club and the DJ fires up an Abba track, look for the nearest disco ball and you’ll see a guy standing directly beneath it screaming WOOO! WOOO! with his arms flailing wildly about. And that guy will be Aaron Berk.

If there’s one thing Aaron loves more than screaming WOOO! it’s disco balls, so he went and made his own disco ball for the iPhone. Unlike Crazy Disco‘s monochromatic sphere, this disco ball fills your screen from corner to corner with big flashy blocks of disco madness! You can swipe it to make it spin faster, but also unlike Crazy Disco it doesn’t explode or play stock disco loops.

There’s one more way that Aaron Berk’s Disco Ball is different from Crazy Disco… it lets you play your own music while the ball is spinning!

And thus concludes the Great iPhone Disco Ball War. We have a winner.

Disco Ball 1, Crazy Disco 0.

3 Responses to “Disco Ball”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I pulled this out in a bar Saturday and was instantly surrounded by hotties. I highly recommend. :smile:

  2. admin Says:

    Nice :mrgreen: I love girls who are impressed by bright shiny objects

  3. robin Says:

    ik vind e t erg mooi:P

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