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Go from beginner to winner with Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins!

Price: Reel Stakes Casino is FREE to download and play.

Game website:

Apple App Store Link:

win real money iphone app
Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins – Play for free and win for real!

Play for free & win for real with Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins – the easy-to-learn game that lets you quickly go from beginner to winner, helping you master your card skills as you win amazing gift card prizes! The strategy of poker and blackjack meets the excitement of a slot machine in this thrilling game. Challenge yourself with exciting mini games and bonus events, test your luck, and win real gift card prizes to top brands!

Ways to start winning big! Get the app

  • Master Your Game: Show off your card skills in poker or blackjack as you build up your chip stack
  • Take a Spin: Build winning hands to earn Bonus Reel slot spins for a chance to win free prize entry tickets or get lucky and collect the massive Progressive Jackpot worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of free chips!
  • Cash in on Bonus Cards: Get dealt a bonus card on a winning hand and you could win a huge chip multiplier, extra Bonus Reel spins, or a trip to the Big Ticket Grab event worth up to 25 bonus entry tickets.
  • Prove Yourself: Play challenges and master mini games to achieve your personal best, top leaderboards, and collect entry tickets for gift card prizes worth up to $500 each!
  • Max Out Your Entries: Hit the challenge entry cap to collect tickets to the monthly Big Shot Giveaway for a mega prize!
  • Thousands of dollars in prizes are up for grabs every month, and players can win as many times as they like!
win real gift card prizes iphone app
Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins – Collect prize tickets & play bonus games!

Why it’s different:  Unlike some other games, players really can play for free, and players really do win. Every player has an equal chance to play and earn entries for real gift card prizes, redeemable at their favorite retailers.

Download Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins!

real money casino app
Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins – Win real gift card prizes!

Recent Entries

Get in shape with SOTKA: fitness for beginners

sotka fitness app iphone

SOTKA has already helped 300,000 people all over the world to transform their lives! Now it is available in English!

great app ★★★★★
Great but simple and easy to follow workout program!

mattjc713 | Apple App Store Review

This is a free educational course developed for those, who only start their training or get back on a track after a long break or injury. Our main goal – to educate and train people of any age, gender or physical conditions.

sotka fitness app iphone

SOTKA program is designed for 100 days, during which you will everyday get new useful information and perform training complexes consisted of basic bodyweight exercises.

SOTKA is divided into 2 big theory blocks, each covering all the main topics and providing answers to all your questions.

super! ★★★★★
I’ve done first one. Now try one more) Love you bro!

Sasha Maiko | Apple App Store Review

sotka fitness app iphone

BASIC Block (Day 1 to Day 49):

– Detailed review of bodyweight exercises;
– Detailed review of nutrition;
– Infoposts with answers to the most popular beginner’s questions: how to breath, how to improve flexibility, how to train during summer/winter, how to learn pull-ups from scratch, how much water to drink, how long should training session be and etc.

ADVANCED Block (Day 50 to Day 91):

– Exercise’s biomechanics and muscle work;
– New training techniques every week;
– Detailed review on different body systems;
– Practicum on training programms development;

TURBO Block (Day 92 to Day 98):

– Challenge yourself with 7 unique training routines;

Get Sotka in the App Store now!

sotka fitness app iphone

Make someone happy today!

Posted by My Happy

My Happy (Free)

iTunes Category: Lifestyle | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

My Happy website:

happies_phone happiness


The Power of Happiness is in your hands

Happiness is one of our most powerful emotions. It transcends borders, enriches relationships and creates a better world for everyone. My Happy has been created to give you the power to share your happy thoughts and reach out to anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world – and make their day.

Built on our belief that happiness is infinitely shareable, My Happy gives users the world over the means to create and share their positivity through a beautifully designed App.

We want to create a movement with ‘Happies’ at the heart – exclusive galleries of inspirational, aspirational and affirmative artworks with messages tailored to every occasion.

Whether you want to make your best friend smile or offer thoughtful support in a difficult time, Happies make it quicker, easier and more meaningful than ever before. You can even create your own!

We’ve created an entire community who have all come together motivated by the desire to spread happiness. So get involved, tap into the positivity at your fingertips and join the My Happy movement today.

Download My Happy now!



Find clothing that fits your body size with Linkqlo

Posted by Linkqlo Inc.

Linkqlo (Free)

iTunes Category: Lifestyle | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Linkqlo website:


Linkqlo’s mission is to discover style and fit for every size for everyone. We aim to tackle an issue that many people face – finding clothing that fits our body size. It is hard to find clothes that simply fit, and it is even harder to choose styles that best complement our unique body features. We try to solve this problem by building a global community of people of similar body shapes and sizes. In Linkqlo we can discover better fitting brands and styles through selfies and fitting reports from people like us, by doing the following:

  • Record your 15 body measurements for convenient reference when you need to buy clothes online or offline.
  • Connect to people like you through our proprietary algorithm “Body Measurement Score” that calculates how close your body matches up against others.
  • Review clothes by creating posts with photos and our industry-first “Fitting Report”.
  • Discover better fitting clothes with good style by browsing posts from people of your similar body sizes or features.

Click to enlarge

While there are many apps that try to recommend fashion (Polyvore, Modcloth), capture body measurement data (Fitbay,, Truefit), or create customized clothing (Mtailor, Third Love), several key features differentiate Linkqlo from them:

  • Most comprehensive and accurate body measurement system. In Linkqlo we track 15 body measurements from users, from weight and height to foot length and thigh circumference. We don’t ask opaque and confusing questions like “What is the shape of your torso?”
  • Industry-first “Fitting Report” that pools unstructured opinions into structured data for review and comparison. If you want to share your reviews on clothing, our Fitting Report is the most powerful tool you can find where you can provide not only qualitative feedback but also quantitative ranking on a comprehensive set of attributes.
  • Linkqlo is a tool for both men and women. Many fashion apps tend to focus mostly on women’s needs while Linkqlo is built with a more rational and objective approach to discover betting fitting clothes that aspire to be an effective tool for men as well.

Download Linkqlo at:

Customize, edit, and decorate images with iDzyn

Posted by Touchstone Accent Lighting

iDzyn ($1.99)

iTunes Category: Productivity | Compatible with iPad

Touchstone Accent Lighting website:

imagine • create • share

iDzyn makes customizing, editing, decorating, and sending images incredibly easy and fun! It’s the ultimate creative design App and it’s simple to use. iDzyn allows for importing of photos and images. Once they are in iDzyn they can be manipulated, annotated and also enhanced using cropped icons from a variety of modules in iDzyn. It allows for rotating, resizing, image opacity and the ability to draw and erase. Type with hundreds of fonts, sizes and color options.

Once your project is complete, you can then save it, re-edit and email images and even share them on Facebook.

Powerful image editing options make iDzyn useful for businesses and schools. Kids can create personalized images, greeting cards, and game plans with ease. Professional presentations created with iDzyn will help you make your point and collaborate with others.

iDzyn includes 11 modules with hundreds of cropped images to create images, cards, ideas and illustrations FAST! The measure mode allows scaling and measuring on imported images. iDzyn has many more features. For additional information and to see more features visit and see our video at:

LoginBox Pro by MyGo Software is now free!

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Chapaev Online – unique hybrid of checkers and billiards by Artem Tselikov is now free!

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