Mysteryville 2

Mysteryville 2 HD: hidden object crime investigation (2,99$) by Nevosoft

Available on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Mysteryville 2 is Nevosoft’s sequel to their original puzzle game release in 2011. The story begins with Laura Winner (journalist and physic) returning to the Mysteryville for a vacation. When a town is called Mysteryville it’s no surprise that Laura’s vacation is cut short and she finds herself investigating the disappearance of her missing friend. The game is primarily a hidden object game. Different levels require players to find either a specific list of items, spot the difference, match pairs items etc. However, there are also several mini-games that involve tasks such as unscrambling letters to find hidden messages or rearranging images. Ultimately, these puzzles reveal clues to help Laura to unravel the mystery of her missing friend and the strange goings on in town.

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