Read ’em & weep suckas!!!!

I suck at a lot of things, but apparently Free the Fan‘s weekly NFL salary cap game isn’t one of them!

A couple months ago I reviewed Quick Picks Fantasy GM and thought it was a really cool idea… you select a new NFL team roster every week but you also have to stay within a $25 million salary cap. The best players cost $5 million, the crappiest are only $1 million, and you have to fill all eight roster roster spots. Just like in regular fantasy football, stat points are awarded as your guys make plays in the real world, and each week the top three scorers are rewarded with cash or prizes, and there’s also a season-long competition.

In week 8 of the NFL season (two weeks ago) I finished 2nd overall for the week and that earned me $75 to spend at THEN… in week 9, I finished first!! First place for the week gets you $200 cash.

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