Xenocube SD

XenoCube SD ($.99) by Digital Embryo
Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Xenocube SD is another “match three” game wrapped up in a pretty package of vibrant graphics and a well-designed, albeit slightly flawed user interface. Xenocube SD essentially presents itself as a 3D puzzler involving a large, rotating, six-sided Rubik’s Cube. The player is then given the task of matching three alike colors either vertically or horizontally on any of the cube’s six planes. The xenocube levitates allowing the user to simply swipe at the cube to send it spinning allowing access to all six sides. This is where one of the few problems I had with the game surfaced. My wife always tells me to be more gentle frequently citing that old song “I want a man with a slow hand…” I guess my lack of finesse is not limited to the bedroom because I frequently found myself spinning the Xenocube on what seemed like a perpetual death spin causing me to lose precious time in my quest to find matches. Another problem I had with the game was the inconceivable use of 3D. I am unaware of any iPhone, iPad, or iPod that utilizes a stereoscopic 3D display, so I was a little baffled by what the 3D intensity slider actually did. After playing around with the 3D effect and finding it more cumbersome than beneficial, I simply turned it off and what followed was a rather enjoyable experience.

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