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Athletes, rappers, actors, and teenagers can frequently sound like they’re speaking a whole different language.  Some of them are and that’s because they’re from a different planet.  Most of them, however, are just throwing a slang term or two.  

Here’s something else: over the past few days, I’ve noticed that nearly everyone is urbaning their name and posting what pops up as a status update on Facebook.  Some of them are really quite embarassing and others are kind of cool.  Wondering what ‘urbaning’ means?  Or maybe you’re wondering what would appear if you were to look up your name as well? 

At times like those, it’s good to have Schroederdev LLC’s Slango- Urban Dictionary at your fingertips.  It is one of the most extensive slang dictionaries out there.  In fact, at over 4,000,000 words, there isn’t much that isn’t included in this appIt‘s bigger than some of the actual dictionaries I’ve bought in the AppStore. 

Slango uses the online database from “Urban Dictionary” and has some great features.  The Word of the Day will give you the skinny on all the latest terms. Random word search will help you pass the time for minutes that stretch into hours, and Slango’s offline bookmark support will ensure that you can easily find your favorite words from yesterday or a month ago.  And you can share words through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Slango is very easy to use.  The only drawback to the app is that it doesn’t support browsing, so you can’t read through terms alphabetically.   Fortunately, a future update is in the works that will include this feature.  I’m sureit will be a welcome addition, one that will enable me to waste even more time.

So if you’re looking for a slang dictionary that is fun, informative, and– at times- a little (no, make that a lot) raunchy, Slango- Urban Dictionary is exactly what you want.  It is guaranteed to keep you and your friends entertained and laughing for days.  Or at least in the know.

iTunes Link- Slango-Urban Dictionary

Version 1.1

Tested on iPod Touch 3.1.3