Flying Santa Cat

Flying Santa Cat (free) by DAN-BALL

Available on iPhone & iPod Touch

I love games like this! There’s nothing to learn, no levels to advance through, no rules to think about… just get your weird little Santa Cat to fling his bag of toys as far as physics will allow. It’s not quite as funny as Sapus Tongue, but it’s just as fun and addictive.

Your first instinct may be to gently rub your iPhone screen at the start of the game to get Santa Cat going down the hill, but to get any distance you’ll need to rub like you’ve never rubbed before. Run your finger back and forth across the screen like you’re trying to put a hole in it, and then a couple of well-timed taps will launch your sleigh and bag of toys in the air like a two stage rocket. The hardest part is timing the final fling of the toy bag ‘cuz if you don’t do it fast enough Santa Cat will just chuck it directly at the ground, but you’ll get the hang of it fast enough.

Flying Santa Cat may not stay on your iPhone or iPad for very long because of the Christmas theme, but since it’s Christmas now go ahead and grab it! It’s fun. And it’s free. And I dare you to knock me off the leaderboard!

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