Apotheosis 2012 Volume #1

Just in case you haven’t heard that the the world is ending in 2012, let me explain it for you. The Mayans developed a calendar in approximately 3000 BC which will end in 2012. Of course as any logical person must conclude, the only reason that the calendar would end is because the world will too, or something like that. This is the basis for the storyline of Apotheosis 2012, of which I was able to read the first chapter.

Before I get into the storyline, let me first address the functioning of the app. The creators have drawn and designed the comic book to fit the screen of an iPhone, which means there is no scrolling to see the whole page or expanding text. A simple swipe or tap advances the story, much like every other book or app out there. Unlike a standard comic book, however, Apotheosis does not change the entire image with each swipe. Often the text may change while the image remains the same, and sometimes parts of the image may change as well. I believe this is what the creators are referring to when they mention the iPop-up feature.

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