Asteroids 2012

Asteroids 2012 ($2.99) by SKAPP Enterprises

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Asteroids is a pioneer video game, classic staple on old arcade boxes and computers. Zoom around in your spaceship, shoot asteroids, and dodge threatening flying particle chunks. Now, Asteroids 2012 hopes to revamp this arcade classic by bringing in a graphical overhaul, a variety of ships and weapons, and a full 3D space-combat engine. Does this iPhone remake stand up to the popular arcade classic?

Asteroids 2012 lends an strong first impression. Graphics are sharp and cartoony, fully optimized for HD space glory. Navigating around the clever space station home screen is easy. There’s variety of game modes, ranging from the wave attack campaign to a mini-game where you fly across the galaxy looking for secret (guess what?) asteroids. Spend money on upgrading your weapons or unlocking shiny new ships.

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