iBet Football Pro

Pssst… I got a hot tip on tonight’s Monday Night Football game… it’s gonna be an UPSET! Miami’s gonna win!

Well on second thought, this is a pretty bad example since the NY Jets are only favored by 1 point which basically makes this game a tossup. Even iBetFootball PRO will tell you “DO NOT BET!!!” this game because it’s just too close to predict. What it does recommend, however, is that you take the Over which is 36 because iBetFootball is predicting the final score to total 39. Still pretty close, but hey it’s called gambling for a reason, right?

iBetFootball makes its predictions based on past game data, so in theory it should become more accurate as the football season goes on. How accurate was it this past weekend, you ask? Well, let’s see…

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