App Sale: Let’s Golf!

Let’s Golf! is on sale for free – normally $1.99

Notice something different here? That price image above looks weird, and I’ll get to why in a minute. What you need to know right now, though, is that this kickass golf game is free! Gameloft has “lite” versions for just about all of their games, but this is the full version.

Let’s Golf! is remarkably similar to Hot Shots Golf which you might have played on Playstation or PSP. The graphics can get a little choppy at times, but this game still rules and features Instant Play, Tournament, and Multiplayer modes that support pass ‘n play and wifi. If you like humiliating your friends get them all together, download this game, and try beating each other’s asses!

Now back to why the price image looks odd… for some unknown reason, Let’s Golf! isn’t showing up in App Store searches. Only the lite version is showing up, so the only way I know to get this game is to download PandoraBox first (yes it’s free), look for Let’s Golf! under the On Sale tab at the bottom of the screen (or search for it), and then tap the FREE button which will take you to the App Store page where you can install it. Seems like a big hassle for getting this game, but PandoraBox is great too… where do you think I keep finding these app sales to announce? 8)

Update: Looks like they fixed the problem and Let’s Golf! is finally showing up in the App Store again.

iTunes Link – Let’s Golf!