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Quick & Free, a quick review of a free app
WTF?!, apps so dumb you just gotta laugh… or cringe


Credit Secrets Investigated – A book for the credit-challenged
The Terminator: Death Valley – Terminator comic from Dark Horse
Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets – Become a Master iPhone Geek
Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets Update


Napkin Genius – Stripped-down sketching app
Voxie Pro Recorder & Dictation
– An awesome voice recorder


ABCs of Punctuation – Test your English punctuation skillz
PopMath – Pop matching math bubbles


32×32 – Make awesomely chunky pics on a 32×32 grid
3D Fireworks
– A cool fireworks display for your iPhone
3D Fireworks 2 – Watch the bombs bursting in air
Ant Hill – Torment ant colonies in a variety of ways
B.S. Meter – Call out the B.S.’ers on their B.S.
Ballerina – 3D music box
Bart Board – Bart Simpson chalkboard quotes
Beatbox – Make beatboxing sounds with your iPhone
BellyButton – Tickle bellies to make them laugh & jiggle
Bright Lights – Put a Lite-Brite on your iPhone
Colorful Aquarium – Watch the little fishies swim
Comic Reader Mobi – Pricey but good comic book reader
Crazy Disco – Sparkly full-screen disco ball
Crossy – A fun little snowglobe for your iPhone
The Dark Knight: HaHaHa – Deface your pics with Joker graphics
Dashbuster Free – Limited Blockbuster/Netflix queue manager
DIRECTV – Channel guide for DirecTV subscribers
Disco Ball – Classic disco ball for your iPhone
Dog Thoughts – Put captions on your dog pics
Earth3D – Nice 3D animation of the Earth and moon
eMagic Card – A simple but clever iPhone card trick
ePokerHelper – Odds on how good your Texas Hold ‘Em hand is
Esteem Aid – For those who can’t afford therapy
eyeFro – Put giant afros on your pics
F-MyLife – Laugh at the misery of others
Flower Club – Grow flowers in a vase
Hee Button – Push the button and a bizarre voice says “Hee”
How to Text a Girl – Do u kno how 2 txt grls?
i.TV – An awesome tv/movie guide
iAmbigram Lite – Very limited ambigram maker
iBark – Make your iPhone bark like a dog
iBonsai – Grow your own bonsai trees
iBonsai Update
iBurps Classic – Make your iPhone belch
iButterToast – Butter that toast as fast as you can
iChalky – Interesting stick-figure guy for you to use & abuse
iChoose – Make a decision, dammit
iChuck: Norris Joke Generator – Chuck Norris “facts”
The Idiot Test 3 – Yes, you ARE as dumb as you look
iDoodle2 lite – Great iPhone drawing app
iGouge Eye Poking Fun! – Poke that eye until it’s blood-red
iJog – A treadmill for your fingers
iMatcher – Very simple “love meter” that uses names
IQ Test – Compare your feeble brain to famous ones
iSpace 3D – Drift around the galaxy with a clock
iVomit Mobile – Puke all over your iPhone
KickScreen Movie Trailers – Watch trailers & add to online queues
Kiss My Lips – For the hopelessly, desperately lonely
Knock on Wood – Pic of wood + knocking sound… yawn
Light Show – Lite-Brite for your iPhone
Lightastic! – Lite-Brite with animation
Lightsaber Unleashed – Star Wars geeks, rejoice!
Lip Service – Make your photos say crazy stuff
LOLCats – Look at goofy pictures of Flickr pics tagged “lolcats”
MonstAr Maker – Mix art pieces in this iPhone art project
Monsters vs. Aliens – Play around with B.O.B. from the movie
Movies – Find out what’s playing at local movie theaters
mStache – Put mustaches on people’s faces
Now Playing/Box Office (v1.2) – My favorite movie showtimes app
Now Playing Update
Paint Studio – Paint a blank canvas or use it as a coloring book
Painting Scroll – A lesson in Chinese art history
Peanut Butter Jelly Time! – An icon resurrected
Pencil Pusher – A not-so-great drawing app
pour1out – Hands-down the most ghetto app in the App Store
Pocket Clapper – Film slate for directors on a very slim budget
Pocket God – Torment helpless islanders
Pocket God Update
Pull My Finger – Apple won’t let this app into the App Store! (9/8/08)
Pull My Finger vs. iFart Mobile – Farting is now legal in iTunes
Scent of a Chicken – Produce real chicken smells with your iPhone
Sexy Models Screen Wash – The very first post categorized as WTF?!
Singing Cat – A funny cat that moves his mouth to your sounds
Slingplayer Mobile – Watch your Slingbox on iPhone
Snowdome – A really cool snow globe app
Snowflakes – Let it snow let it snow let it snow… on your iPhone
SpinArt – Make cool splatter-art
Star Trek Phaser – Lame Trekkie “game”, if you can call it that
Stylem Greetings – Tell your BFF how you really feel
Taco Bell Why Pay More! Shaker – Spare change taco calculator
Voice Changer – Apply sound effects to voice recordings
What Would Jesus Say? – Bible quote generator
Wooo Button – Screams WOOO! when you push the button
You Shake iLaugh – Shake your iPhone to get laughed at
Zit Picker 2: Your Friends – Funny but gross zit popping game


Stock Advisor – Stock market trend tracker
Trip Cubby • Mileage Log – Track your driving expenses and mileage
Tipulator – A full-featured tip calculator


2079 – A fun arcade shooter
20 Questions – The classic question game
2 Across – Awesome crossword puzzle app
21 Pro: Blackjack – Sponsored – Awesome blackjack app
3 Point Hoops Basketball – Shoot 3s for the championship
4 Degrees – The Arc of Trivia – Show off your trivia prowess
7 Cities TD – A fun Tower Defense game
ACTSudoku (UNLIMITED Sudoku) – Nice Sudoku game
AirFight – Shoot down enemy jets in a 3D aerial dogfight
Alien Invasion – Arcade-style shooter game
AntiVirus – A twisted tower defense game
Apache Lander – Good luck landing the chopper, you’ll need it
Arcade Bowling – A fun Skee Ball game
Archibald’s Adventures – Fun 2D platform game
Archon – Retro 8-bit chess remake
Arkanigon – An anime strategy fighter
ATC 4.0 – Satisfy your God complex as an air traffic controller
Audi A4 Driving Challenge – Race an Audi A4 around a track
Azkend – Crazy match-3 fun
Balloon Animals – Learn to twist balloons into crazy shapes
BallRing – Funny name, frustrating game
Baseball Game – Play ball!
Bellum: Tactics – Command soldiers in urban warfare
BiiBall 3D Lite – Roll your BiiBall through a cool 3D course
Big Fun Racing – Pretty good 3D racing app
Bionic Surfer – Cool 2D platformer
Bridges Puzzle – A barebones puzzle game
Boleas – Idiotic!
Box of Sox – Fun sock-matching game
Brain Tuner – Test your brain with 3rd grade math
Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes – Gameloft’s great Nazi-killing game
Bubble Bash – Great for Puzzle Bobble fans
Bugz – Easiest game on the planet
Cannon Challenge – Fun but short cannon game
Carambole Pool Puzzles – Solve puzzles on a pool table
Card Ninja -Flick ninja cards to the right places
Castle Conflict – Overrun the comp’s castle before it overruns you
Chess Quest – Chess puzzles for true chess nerds
Cookie Bonus Solitaire – Decent solitaire game
Cowabunga – Simple and kind of silly game
Crash Landing – Apple’s landing game
Chess Pro & Chess Lite – Pro is a fancy chess game, Lite not so much
Chess Quest – Fry your brain on chess
Crime Spree – Outrun the cops and grab the loot
Cube – 3D shooter that needs a lot of work
Cube Runner – Simple 3D racing game
Cubes Lite – Addictive 3D puzzle
Dactyl – Annoying but fun test of your reflexes
Dark Hill – Kick monster ass in this 3D first person shooter
Defend Your Castle – Fight off the invading horde!
DizzyBeeFree – Cute but difficult puzzle game
Downhill Bowling – Fun and unique bowling game
Duck Hunting – Shoot those birds out of the sky
Duelo – Draw iPhone six-shooters against your friends
Dungeon Defense – Truly unique tower defense game
Dungeonslayer – Slay stuff in a 3D dungeon
ElectroCute – Save the sheep from alien abduction
The Enigma Machine – Fun code deciphering game
ESPN Cameraman – Great photo-comparison game
Escape – Solve puzzles to escape each level
F.A.S.T. – Fleet Air Superiority Training – Great aerial dogfighting
Falling Gems – Barebones but kinda fun match 3
Ferrari GT: Evolution – Awesome Gameloft racing title
Field Goal Frenzy – Kick field goals ’til you can’t kick no more
FingerMingle – 1 or 2-player finger sliding game
First Contact – Protect your 3D planet from incoming missiles
Fishing Frenzy – Hot cartoon girl goes fishing
Flashback – Classic 1992 Amiga port
Flight Control – Control the skies as an air traffic controller
Flik – Kind of like Breakout
Free Hangman – Really good ad-supported hangman game
Galactic Invasion – Addictive puzzle/shooter with cute aliens
Gemlogic – A twist on Bejeweled
Gemmed! – More Bejeweled/”match 3″ fun
Gems 3D – Just another Match 3 game
Girls Skip vol.01 – Ogle Japanese anime girls under puzzles
GL Golf – Play some 3D golf courses
Glandarius Wing Strike – One-finger shoot em up
Golden Miner – Reel in gold just like the classic Flash game
Halloween WordSearch – A great Halloween-themed wordsearch
Hangman – Classic hangman game
Hanoi – Simple puzzle game
Hero of Sparta – Another top-shelf Gameloft title
Hint Sprint – The Rhyming Word Game! – It’s rhyme time
High Speed Chase 2.0 – Top-down driving, a la Spy Hunter
Hiqup – Peg-jumping game with a bunch of twists
Home Run Derby – iPhone batting practice
HotField – Classic 2D shoot-em-up, or SHMUP for short
Hooters Calendar Girls Crazy Eights – Card game with bikini girls
Hot Dog Down a Hallway – Funny game with dirty innuendos
iBattleships – You sank my battleship! Bastard!
iBowl – A nice, simple bowling game
iCopter Classic – Retro-style helicopter survival
iDice – Fun dice game with poker twist
iEggs – Get your egg to the top of the tree
iFighter – Awesome WWII shmup
iGolf – Virtual driving range
iSlots – Great slot machine simulation
iYamato – One ship, lots of bullets, and lots of planes in WWII
Jigsawed Jigsaw Puzzle – A great jigsaw puzzle app
Jumble! – A fun game where you stack household crap
KamiCrazy – Fun game with nice graphics
Kex – Shoot an evil 3D tower to pieces
Kids vs. Zombies – Defend your fort from the zombies
KinWits – A really cute but difficult puzzle game
Leaf Bound – Mecha Monkeys and a whole lotta jumping
Little Red Sled 3D Racing – Kid-friendly 3D racer
Light Wars – Fun vector-graphics shmup
LightBike – Tron-style 3D racer
Lose Your Marbles – A tough puzzler, similar to PegJump
LuckyWheel – Poor man’s Wheel of Fortune
Lux Touch – An addictive game of Risk
Mafia Wars – Build your very own mafia empire
Magnetic Joe 2 – Fun arcade puzzler with a little magnet guy
Malevolent – Unpolished app for torturing little iPhone people
MazeFinger – Trace mazes with your finger
Mind Nimmer – Puzzle game you can always win or always lose
Mini Golf Ace – Miniature golf on your iPhone
Money Catcher – Great game for little kids… really little kids
Monospace – Unique 3D puzzler
MyMemory – Photo-matching memory game
Myst – Classic 3D game port from the original maker
Nintaii – Tricky block-rolling puzzle game
Orion’s Belt – Fun space shooter arcade game
PapiJump – Fun and simple game
PapiPole – Another fun and simple game
PassPhrase – iPhone-ified party game
Pathways – A fun and kind of unusual puzzle game
Payday Roulette – A really well done roulette game
PegJump – The classic peg game
Pet Dog – A wonderful game if you’re dumb as a post
Pet Pals – Adopt virtual pet animals… or a pet rock
Pip – Dice, dice everywhere
Pipe Mania – Classic 20-year old puzzler
Pixel Pusher – Touch the other pixels with your Blue Smiley Face
PixPop Dogs – Photo hunt made easier
Plasma – Tap as many plasma balls as you can
Popper! – Pop the pills with more pills
PrimeTime Quiz Show – Poor man’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Prohibition 3: Candy Wars – DrugWars on the iPhone
Pub Trivia – Show off your knowledge of useless trivia
Puzzle Quiz – Puzzle descrambling game + geography quiz
Quadrix – Colorful pattern-matching puzzle game
Quadrum:colors – Another good Bejeweled-type game
Ranch Rush – Help Sara and Jim save their farm
Ragdoll Blaster – Fun physics-based target practice with ragdolls
reMovem (aka JawBreaker) – Tap the dots away
reMovem Update
R.I.P. – Wander around a graveyard as a 3D ghost
Rise of Atlantis – More match-3 madness
Road Rage Ahead – Keep traffic flowing or die
Robot Wars 3D – Battle robots in a 3D arena
Rockchinko – Pachinko game that wants to be Peggle but isn’t
Rogue Touch – Old-skool dungeon game
Sally’s Spa – It’s fun to manage pissy customers in a day spa
Sapus Tongue – Funny game requiring odd accelerometer motion
Sentinel – A great tower defense game
Sentinel 2: Earth Defense – The sequel lives up to the hype
SET – Half good, half boring puzzle game
Sho Chiku Bai – Crazy Japanese pachinko game
Shuffle Ball – Crazy retro 3D pong
The Sims 3 – Unleash your inner control freak
Skizzle – Make a simple tile-sliding puzzle out of any photo
SlideRules – A fun puzzle game with numbers
Smiles – Two fun “match 3” games in one
Sneezies Bubble Popping Fun – Super-cute chain reaction game
Space Deadbeef – A fun arcade-style shooter
Spoilage – A fun chess-like game with battling bacteria
Squaresville – Use photos in a difficult tile-sliding puzzle
Steppin – An obstacle course for your fingers
Stock Command – Adaptation of Missile Command
StoneLoops! of Jurassica – Awesomely fun marble popper
StuntCopter – Retro 80s helicopter game
Sudoku Grab – Turn paper Sudoku games into iPhone Sudoku games
Sweetwater Defense – Tower defense is fun
Tangrams – Nice Tangram puzzle game
Tank – Drive a tank around, blow shit up!
Tap Tap Coldplay – Tap along with Coldplay tunes
Tap Tap Revenge 2 – Rack up points by tapping to indie beats
Temple of Arkadoom – First-person dungeon shooter
Terminate Me – Turn your friends’ faces into half-Terminator heads
The Terminator – Terminator shmupping is fun
Tetravex – Fun but tough puzzle game
The Stone of Destiny – Find the hidden objects
THTouch – Great Texas Hold ‘Em game
Tic Tac Knoe – Tic Tac Toe with a twist
Tic Tac Toe (JamSoft) – Simple tic tac toe
Tic-Tac-Toe (Reandevou Software) – Fancier tic tac toe
Tic-Tac-Toe Update (Reandevou Software)
Tris – Sadly this awesome Tetris game is gone from the App Store
Tris Update
Truth in 24 – Modern-day Pole Position racing game
Tux Rider World Challenge – Open source penguin racing
Underwater The Game – Tetris-like puzzle game
Underworlds – Medieval monster-killing RPG
Vampires: Bloodlust – Build an army of bloodsuckers
WallZ – A pretty good puzzle game with knights & dynamite
Wheel of Fortune – Just like the TV show
Wooden Labyrinth 3D – A not-so-great labyrinth puzzle
Wordabble – Difficult word game
WordJong – Fun word puzzle mixes Mahjong & Scrabble
WordsWorth – Another difficult word game
Wordulous – Make as many words as you can as quick as you can
Woxel Word Game – Wordmaking game with twisted rules

Healthcare & Fitness

aSleep – Sound machine helps you fall asleep
iDream – Another sound machine for sleeping/meditating
iFirstAid Lite – How to save lives, kind of
iPoop – Shh, your doo-doo is trying to tell you something
Naturespace – Fancy surround-sound audio relaxation app


18,000 Cool Jokes – Brace yourself for a lot of corny kneeslappers
Affirmations Pro – Self-assurance from a robot
Analyze Handwriting & Signatures
– Scribble and get a canned analysis
Banner Deluxe
– Make fancy banners on your iPhone
Buzzillions Mobile – Find reviews on lots of stuff
Cellfire Mobile Coupons – Coupon mailer on your iPhone
Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons – So much better than Cellfire
DoGood – Do a good deed today or else
Dress Up – Photograph your wardrobe, then mix ‘n’ match
Fashion Sense – Tries to give fashion advice for different body types
Free Stuff App – Get stuff that’s free, sort of
I Am Rich – The infamous app that got booted from the App Store
I Am Rich Update
I Can Has Cheezburger – Laugh at stupid pet pics
iDayZ – Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries
iDemocrat – Completely useless
iRepublican – Completely useless
iShoes – Shoes, shoes, and more shoes
iShot Machine – Hundreds of ways to fill a shot glass
iShots – Irish Edition
iToy – A bouncy 3D doll
LEDit – Classic dot-matrix banner maker
Marriage Calculator – Measure the strength of your relationship
The Mood Setter – A tool for smooth-talking lotharios
MyClockRadio, aka iReveil – Wake up to internet radio
Open Cellar – iPhone-ize your wine inventory
Pocket Cocktails – Great drink-mixing guide
PurityRing – Promise your iPhone that you won’t get freaky
SmileDial Pro – Call your friends by tapping their photos
Sushipedia – Know your raw fish
Virtual Zippo® Lighter – Great Zippo lighter simulation
YSearch – A search tool that needs a lot of work
Zen Garden – A peaceful iPhone sandbox


Audiogasm – A pretty cool audio visualizer
Boombox – Streaming music from
Concert Vault – Lots of live concert recordings of famous artists
FingerBeat – Fancy music-making tool for laying down tracks
iKoto – A Japanese harp on your iPhone
Lyrics+ – Find music lyrics for your “now playing” song
ooTunes – Internet radio on steroids
Shazam – A must have if you like music
Silly Songz – Goofy greeting cards with goofy music


AT&T Navigator – For $9.99/month it better be good!
– Urbanspoon for boozers!
G-Map US East – Fancy GPS navigation for the eastern U.S.
G-Map US West – Fancy GPS navigation for the western U.S.
GPS Kit – Never get lost again
Where To? GPS Pointer – Shortcuts to help you find what you need


Byline – Sync your iPhone with Google Reader
Campaign – Political news aggregator
Free RSS Reader – Get RSS feeds on your iPhone
Fox News UReport – Send pics to Fox News
Jamd – View photos and stories that go with them
National Threat Advisory – Unintentionally funny app
Shovel (aka Diggerific) – Great bathroom reader


3D Me – Merge two photos into one frantic animation
Camera Timer
– Camera timer that needs more features
Darkroom Premium – iPhone photography made waaaayyy easier
EffectsLab – Make your photos prettier with filters ‘n’ stuff
ezimba – Awesome iPhone photo editor
FantasyLens – Stick faces into old-timey photo templates
ImageTouch – Make photo collages
iToony – Add funny captions to your photos
Juxtaposer – Great tool for blending two photos into one
Juxtaposer Update
Ken Burns Slideshow – A fancier way to display your photos
LOMO Camera – Apply retro effects to photos after you take them
Lifecards – *Try* to turn your photos into greeting cards
Make My 3D – Turn two photos into a creepy 3D model
Pictems – Put pirate hats on pics of your friends
Puri! 2.0 – Stamp and frame your pics with cuteness
QuadCamera Multi Shot Cam – Create photo filmstrips
ToyCamera – A camera app that applies vintage effects


Ambiance – A great sound machine for relaxing/sleeping
Ambiance Update
CalcConv – A unit-converting calculator
Clipboard Manager and History – Manage your clipboard
Escape Pod – Helps you end phone calls asap
Eternity Time Log – Great time-tracking app
EventHorizon – A useful calendar app
FC Tasks by FranklinCovey – Less-than-stellar day planner
FileSync – Lets you sync your iPhone with an FTP directory
iBlueSky – A great mindmapping tool
Idea Generator – Build crazy ideas from word lists
Listomni – List-making on steroids
MyDecider – Heavy-duty decision making tool
MyMovies – Keep track of your home movie collection
Organizer – Strange-looking organization app
Quicksend (v1.01) – Send short messages via email
Readdle Docs – Access your docs from anywhere
Screenplay – Write your screenplay and make millions!
Take a Note – Make notes with text, audio, photos, & drawings
Zenbe Lists – Stay organized with lists and iGoogle


Annual Bible 1.0 – Schedule your bible readings
Bible (YouVersion) – Nice Bible for the iPhone
Mantis Bible Study – Take notes on your fav Bible verses
MyGovernment – U.S. citizens, make yourselves heard!
Pinouts – For tech geeks who crimp their own network & phone cables
Rhyme – Word rhymer for poets & writers & rappers
Wikipanion – Wikipedia on your iPhone
VocabDaily Free – Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster

Social Networking

Comeks – Combo photo editor and micro-blogging tool
D’Cards – When you care enough to send an iPhone ecard
Flit – Screw “followers”! Say what you want and be heard!
IM+ – Stay logged on to various chat programs even when you’re not
IM+ 3.0 Update
Nimbuzz – Chat via MSN, Yahoo, Skype, and more
PhotoSwap – Send a photo, get one back
Secrets – Get down with OPP (Other People’s Problems)
small talk – Free-for-all chat app
Tweetion – Not-so-great Twitter app


Where to Golf – Details & directions to lots of U.S. golf courses


Chicago CTA Bus Tracker (web app) – Real-time bus info
FlightTrack Pro – Great trip tracker for air travelers
iFare Finder – Find out what your flight will cost
Lingopal – Fun Multilingual Phrasebook – Get nutty in 44 languages
Lingopal in German and Japanese
myLanguage – Nice language translator
I Love Travel – Packing – Great for getting the family suitcases packed
Packing Pro – The gripping sequel to Packing with more lists & stuff
Urbanspoon – Find places to eat


9-Toolbox – Swiss Army knife conversion tool
A Special Phone
– iPhone dialer for the visually impaired
Air Mouse Pro – Use your iPhone to control comp instead of a mouse
BubbleClock – A clock made of bubbles
– craigslist on your iPhone
Dog Whistle – Annoy your dog and your coworkers
Fake Call Roundup: Fake Caller, Fake Calls, and Fake-A-Call
JumiCam – Spy on people via webcam
Knot Guide – How to tie people up
Lighter – One of many iPhone lighter apps
MasterCard Priceless Picks – Mastercard’s entry in the “what’s nearby” genre
MemoryInfo w Free Memory – Free up your iPhone memory!
MeterRead – Keeps track of your household energy use
myBatteryLife – Enhanced battery readings, or so it would seem
Peeps – Manage contacts by photo instead of name
Remind Me – Write reminders and save them as wallpaper
RepairPal – Stop getting ripped off by auto mechanics
Rotary Dialer – A nice rotary phone dialer
Rotary Dialer Update
Separate Checks – A combined tip calculator and check-splitter
Separate Checks 2.0 Update
Stick It – iPhone Sticky Notes – Remind yourself with wallpaper images
SpeedType – Terrible attempt at measuring your iPhone typing speed
Tallies – Get serious about counting stuff
Tapeline – Use your iPhone as a measuring tape?
UniCon – Nice unit conversion tool
Valentine & Love C@rds – Make great greeting cards
VoiceBox Dialer – Free voice-controlled phone dialer
Walls Creator – Make fancy multi-photo iPhone wallpapers
Wingman – Desperate to make conversation on a date?

Holiday Apps


Christmas App Roundup, Part 1: Sleeps to Christmas, Xmas Carols Lite, Christmas Sounds Free
Christmas App Roundup, Part 2: Christmas Rock’n’Roll, Trivial Memory Christmas, Xmas-a-Mass Free
Christmas C@rds – Awesome iPhone Christmas card maker
Christmas Camera – Photo template app that needs help
Christmas Snowglobe Roundup – TUI SnowGlobe, Snow Globe and eCards, iXmas Snow Globe
Free Mistletoe: Smooch or Smack? – One of 5 billion mistletoe apps
Greater Media Christmas Channel – Christmas radio app
MyChristmas – The Swiss Army knife of Christmas apps
Quizmas – A fairly entertaining Christmas quiz/joke app
Santa Lite – Ugh! Bad game. Very bad.
Santa Wings: Rudolph’s Christmas Flight – Fly Santa’s sleigh
Whack It: Santa – At least you’re not whacking moles
Xmas Link Up – Fun Christmas-themed puzzle game


AdLibs Lite: Halloween – Halloween-themed “MadLibs”
Crazy Pumpkin – A fun Halloween pumpkin-face thing
Free Hangman – Hangman game includes a Halloween word list
Ghost Pop – Pop all the ghosts before the timer runs out
Halloween C@rds – Send really nice, customized Halloween Cards
Halloween Pumpkinizer – Send Halloween pumpkin greeting cards
Halloween WordSearch – A Halloween-themed word search puzzle
Haunted – A scary Halloween video (definitely not for kids!)
HorrorScope – Oddball Halloween horoscopes
IPumpkin – A spooky-looking pumpkin
Jack O’Lantern – “Carve” (draw) a pumpkin on your iPhone
MonsterMatch – Jirbo’s Halloween memory-match game
Puzzoodle Halloween – Really nice Halloween jigsaw puzzle app
Singing Pumpkins – Great Halloween music/sound effect maker

July 4th (USA)
3D Fireworks – A cool fireworks display for your iPhone
3D Fireworks 2 – Watch the bombs bursting in air
July 4th – Independence Day – Educational patriotism

New Year

New Year’s Blowout Horn! – Blow into your iPhone like a horn
New Years Resolutions – Idiotic resolution generator


Turkey Hunt – Turkey-themed version of Ghost Pop

Valentine’s Day

Valentine & Love C@rds – Send a valentine to your valentine

Jailbreak Apps

iTypeFastr – A screwy keyboard designed to help you type Fastr