Update: WiFiPhoto

Sweet! Slideshows are fun

In October of last year I was gushing about how cool WiFiPhoto is and how it’s the reason that I’ll never have to email a photo from my iPhone to my comp again. I still use it all the time, and I still love it enough to point out that it’s gotten even better than when I first got my greasy fingers on it!

Here’s the major stuff that’s changed over the past six months:

– Now you can adjust the quality of the images you’re transferring off the iPhone
– A slideshow mode has been added in case you’re more interested in showing off your pics rather than downloading them
– Landscape images are automatically rotated
– Option available to use cellular data network if wifi isn’t available

WiFiPhoto may not qualify as a “must have” app for absolutely every single iPhone user, but if you snap a lot of pics or do a lot of screenshots it’s incredibly useful to have around.

iTunes Link – WiFiPhoto
Version 1.2