Top 25: Ski on Neon

Ski on Neon (Free) by Esoteric Development

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Ski on Neon is currently #1 in the Top 25 Free section in the App Store

Yes I know… Ski on Neon is a stripped down clone of Tiny Wings. Press and hold to to make your little skier guy tuck and gain velocity while going downhill, release to let the momentum launch him uphill and into the air. So it’s not too original… but it’s fun as hell!

If you’ve never played Tiny Wings, this is a game of timing. Each time your skier goes airborne you need to try and get him to land cleanly on a downhill slope so that the forward momentum continues to build, and if you stink it up by making (or just letting) him land in a bad spot then you’re faced with the somewhat painful task of trying to regain speed with incremental jumps. If you manage to string together four good jumps in a row without hitting a hill the wrong way you’ll get a nice speed burst that temporarily turns you into an airborne comet-looking thing.

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