How To Train Your Dragon- Kids Book

When I was growing up my Dad would always read me stories at night before bed. I believe this played a major role in my love for reading even to this day. Now that  I have two boys of my own I have made it a point to read to them every night before bed. We have a decent sized collection of books to read but it seams like I just rotate reading the same five books. This is where FrogDogMedia LLC comes in with their iStory Time line of children’s books.

I was able to review the “How To Train Your Dragon” book. The book is based off the movie with the same name. The story follows the viking teenager Hiccup as he tries to make it in the world of brawn and muscle. Being a small lad he uses his brain power to invent tools to help him in the ways of dragon fighting. This puts him face to face with a dragon whom he befriends. Let the drama ensue. I wont go into any more of the story but be warned this book goes through the whole movie so if your worried about spoilers you might want to wait.

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