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Linkqlo’s mission is to discover style and fit for every size for everyone. We aim to tackle an issue that many people face – finding clothing that fits our body size. It is hard to find clothes that simply fit, and it is even harder to choose styles that best complement our unique body features. We try to solve this problem by building a global community of people of similar body shapes and sizes. In Linkqlo we can discover better fitting brands and styles through selfies and fitting reports from people like us, by doing the following:

  • Record your 15 body measurements for convenient reference when you need to buy clothes online or offline.
  • Connect to people like you through our proprietary algorithm “Body Measurement Score” that calculates how close your body matches up against others.
  • Review clothes by creating posts with photos and our industry-first “Fitting Report”.
  • Discover better fitting clothes with good style by browsing posts from people of your similar body sizes or features.

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While there are many apps that try to recommend fashion (Polyvore, Modcloth), capture body measurement data (Fitbay,, Truefit), or create customized clothing (Mtailor, Third Love), several key features differentiate Linkqlo from them:

  • Most comprehensive and accurate body measurement system. In Linkqlo we track 15 body measurements from users, from weight and height to foot length and thigh circumference. We don’t ask opaque and confusing questions like “What is the shape of your torso?”
  • Industry-first “Fitting Report” that pools unstructured opinions into structured data for review and comparison. If you want to share your reviews on clothing, our Fitting Report is the most powerful tool you can find where you can provide not only qualitative feedback but also quantitative ranking on a comprehensive set of attributes.
  • Linkqlo is a tool for both men and women. Many fashion apps tend to focus mostly on women’s needs while Linkqlo is built with a more rational and objective approach to discover betting fitting clothes that aspire to be an effective tool for men as well.

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One Response to “Find clothing that fits your body size with Linkqlo”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Hi Michael,

    I found this app very interesting. With the growing demand for online shopping I think it is very important for online shoppers to find the product they want and to ensure that it fits their body type correctly. As a tall individual I find it very difficult to find clothing that accommodates my body type. Having this app will save me a lot of time when online shipping as I can specify my body measurements and what type of fit I am looking for. Using this information, the app will tell me which stores to shop at and what size will fit me best. It removes the time, energy, and worry of having some article of clothing delivered to your door that does not fit. Online shoppers wait days or weeks to have something delivered and nothing is more disappointing that having that article of clothing not fitting correctly and having to return it. The post is well written I understood the purpose of the app and who the target audience is (online shoppers). I did notice a few minor grammatical errors but nothing too serious. Other than that, this is a brilliant idea! Keep up the good work!


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