Capture and preserve memories for your children with Soulsend

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Soulsend (Free)

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Soulsend iPhone appSoulsend is a tool to used to capture, narrate, and preserve all of your memories with the focus directed to our children.

When a moment is created you can add any photos you captured from that event, adding comments and voice dictations for your child to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Soulsend also includes a really cool proprietary feature that allows you to add a time-capsule message for your child. The time-capsule will remain locked until a pre-set date of your choosing, allowing for you to reveal heartfelt thoughts and insight into these past moments.

And, to enrich the overall experience for our children, you can invite family members and close friends to participate in the narrative for your preserved moments. They may comment on each moment from their own perspective, like a very intimate social circle centered around our little ones.

Since kids are becoming tech-savvy at younger ages, when they get their first tablet they will be able to contribute and comment within their own experience. It’s like a private and secure, focused social media experience for just the ones you love most…and it’s going to drive your kids crazy when they have to wait for those locked messages to reveal themselves in the future!

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