Get creative and win a free copy of AddressBook Magic Cleaner!

Put your typography and design skills to the test by designing a contact list that includes Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and send it to Use whatever names you want in this imaginary list of contacts, but please include Tim Cook and please be creative and make it colorful and pretty :)

The most creative entries will be rewarded with a promo code so you can download AddressBook Magic Cleaner for free! It’ll help you clean up your address book. Here’s more info on it.

Draw with any tools you want… do it on your computer or iPad or iPhone or (gasp!) draw something on actual paper. Something tells me an old-school paper submission (scan it or take a pic) will really wow the judges.

Ten lucky winners will be chosen, so hurry up! The deadline is 4 pm EST, February 22 (that’s 10 pm CET for you Europeans).