“CheeseGuard” reissue! New graphics!

Posted by Nubaslon LLC

CheeseGuard Reissue ($0.99)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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Do you like drive and action? Want to tickle your nerves a bit? Hate mice? Then this game is just for you! “Charming” squeaking mice won’t leave you indifferent but only until they decide to eat all of the delicious cheese… You’ll have to really hustle to stop the little critters from making you go hungry. Destroying mouse after mouse you run the risk of antagonizing the whole rat clan. And then you’ll be up against giant and very mad rodents (which are tough to beat), and green toxic mice that can poison your cheese in no time – they’ll attack from every direction until every bit of cheese is gone. And if you want to reach the best score and keep the rodents from defeating you in seconds, get a friend or a coworker to lend a hand – you could use all the help you can get. Good luck!