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KlickOrder (free)

iTunes Category: Food & Drink | Compatible with iPhone, iPad

KlickOrder website:

KlickOrder is an app for browsing restaurants across the United States. There are 500,000 restaurants featured on the app with a full color picture gallery of each restaurant and their food. Browse by proximity, price, type of cuisine, and popularity. View reviews of the restaurants and see their star ratings. You can direct call the restaurant from the app through one click phone calling. GPS mapping helps you get to the restaurant you choose in real time. View detailed store information such as hours of operation.

Smartphone direct ordering from the app is available for restaurants in the DC metropolitan area. For these restaurants, full menus are available on the app and you can click on what menu items you would like to order. Orders go through the app to the restaurant kitchen fax machine.

KlickOrder was profiled by DailyAppShow.

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