One Degree makes finding a Photographer or Videographer easy

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One Degree (Free)

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I started One Degree out of frustration.

Often in my line of work I am tasked with finding stock images or stock footage for a video production. So I go online and peruse numerous sites offering stock media at various prices, grades of quality, and levels of rights ownership. Some of these services even include access to a representative who will do the search for me and upload content to a lightbox on their site for easy review. In all instances the Producer or Editor I’m working with chose something, and it was ALWAYS a compromise – the wrong lighting, the wrong angle, the wrong time of day (why can’t everything be shot at Magic Hour?), too many people, too few people, etc. But the largest compromise was always the Location.

The Perfect Location for whatever we were making was always elusive in stock footage.

What’s the solution to not being able to find the exact location shot or footage that we need? To hire a photographer or videographer or an entire film crew nearest the location we want to capture. How easy is hiring any of these people, whether locally or internationally? It isn’t easy at all. Internet searches yielded far too many results for any location – whether for individual photographers/videographers or entire crews. Choosing one of these involves numerous emails and/or phone calls to discuss rates, contracts, and, most importantly – Availability.

Availability is always a challenge, because most of the time, the individual or crew we wanted wasn’t available.

So I created One Degree to get the stock images or footage I need, from the exact location I need, from someone who is available right now.


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  1. Matt Says:

    In the Terms it is mentioned that after one year it is a paid service

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