Loop Man

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Loop Man (Free)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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Loop Man – A funny jump and run game. Try to collect as many coins as you can to get more life. Jump over the flying objects such as hammers, pans, soccer balls and others. You can jump with a simple tap to the display. Attacker from the air (like birds) will be fight with a swipe thru the attacker. Have fun!

Here is the story behind this app: It starts that my kids playing Flappy Bird and I was impressed about how easy and simple the game was made and looks like. With the success of Flappy Bird a lot of clones came to the AppStore. Then I saw that there is a template in the internet for clone version and I found the first clone from a clown in the AppStore too. At this moment I said I can do this too, but much better and with an own idea and I start with the project Loop Man…. Loop Man is not based on an template, it all self coded!

So, with this input it would be nice to found a place to make Loop Man more published in the net. Today the iOS version is ready to download, for free with non advertising inside. This weekend also a version for Android device will be ready for download in the Google PlayStore too.

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  1. Vitaly Mikhalyuk Says:

  2. Portman Says:

    really very cool game and poor graphics..but for mobile its good and time pass game. cat mario online

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