ERres ($3.99) by Josh Mularella

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

There are many medical apps that claim to make life in the medical world a little bit easier (for better or worse there’s even an app that allows doctors to monitor their patients from the comfort of their iPhone…but I’m getting side tracked). Unfortunately, many are limited in their scope, cluttered or VERY expensive. ERres suffers from none of these issues making it a very handy little app.

Information is broken down into eight broad categories: toxicology, basic med concepts, drugs, pediatrics, resuscitation, trauma, CDRs and intubation. These categories are further broken down and include topics ranging from IV drip dosages, orthopedic trauma, strokes and asthma medications to procedures related to drug overdoses, postpartum hemorrhages and sepsis just to name a few (and I mean a few…I’d still be typing if I had to list all the topics covered by this app). This app also features a search function to make finding topics even faster.

This app would be perfect for not only residents but anyone who is just starting out in the “real world” of the ER and wants to quickly find info about a particular topic or procedure. However, this app is not meant for the average House or Grey’s Anatomy lover…you do need some medical background knowledge to understand (or even need) this type of app.


ERres is a fantastic app for four main reasons: it didn’t crash or freeze once, its layout is clear and easy to navigate, it covers a good range of topics and it does so in a concise manner. I also liked the fact that it contains references so you can go back and review the material yourself from the source (or to just prove to yourself that it IS in fact accurate information). The only thing I wish it had was a seperate section on interpreting various lab test results.

Overall, I would recommend ERres to anyone who is relatively new in the medical field as a good tool to help brush up on emergency procedures/topics.


Visual Presentation Clean and to the point.
Ease of Use Good.
Functionality Excellent. No crashing or freezing.
Value vs. Price Pretty good.
Overall It’s a useful app.
App Name: ERres (iTunes)
Version: 3.0
Price as of this writing: $3.99
iTunes category: Medical
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: Josh Mularella
Device & iOS used for review: iPod Touch 4th gen, iOS 5.1

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  1. Josh Mularella Says:

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  2. Suro Far Says:

    Amazing specification device , aware it

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