iSo Kingdom

iSo Kingdom ($0.99) by Zleepy Ztudios

Available on iPhone & iPod Touch

Solve puzzles! Battle monsters! Solve more puzzles! I hope you like solving puzzles, because there’s a lot of them. A clever mix of a puzzler and an action/adventure game, iSoKingdom makes some advances in uncharted territory.

iSoKingdom is based around the concept of an isometric puzzle. You get a complex 3D shape and must deduce the 2D images of different sides. It requires a fair amount of spatial reasoning and patience, and is something you’d expect to find on IQ tests and brain teaser books.

Since I have the reasoning skills of a plant, I didn’t plan on doing so hot. Thankfully, the app foresaw my incompetence, and provided a thorough tutorial. Needless to say, after completing a few puzzles, I was hooked. After a few hours, I wouldn’t be surprised if my IQ doubled.

In iSo Kingdom, you are a brave block-warrior sent to fight monsters and complete some forgettable storyline. But that’s not what the game is about. Whenever you battle an enemy, you are sent to complete a sequence of isometric puzzles. All the while, you have to contend with a time limit and a set number of lives. Fail the puzzle too many times, then bye bye block-warrior, hope you bought life insurance. This puzzle-action combination is addictive and surprisingly enjoyable. Most puzzle games either fly over my head or fail to catch my attention, but iSo Kingdom is a novel concept. I like it.

The controls aren’t flawless, but get the job done. The quirky, cartoony graphics are endearing. The storyline follows a somewhat cliched rpg story arc, making battling sea monsters with the ‘power of puzzles’ even more entertaining. iSo Kingdom has a fun, indie charm, but is polished and well-executed.

But after a while, iSo Kingdom starts feeling like a one-trick pony. There’s no variety, just endless waves of new puzzles. It’s almost mind-numbing.  After the novelty of iSo Kingdom wears out, then it’s back to the folder of old games. Until the developers muster up new levels, new game modes, new enemies, anything- iSo Kingdom will remain an average, short puzzle game with a great concept.But until then, if you’re in the market for an interesting, challenging puzzler, iSo Kingdom is the perfect 99 cent investment. Get your 3D glasses and thinking caps out, because we have some dragons to kill. 

From Zleepy Ztudios:


Fun Unique, challenging, spatial reasoning puzzler
Sound & Graphics Nifty, with indie charm
Controls Surprisingly simple to navigate
Replay Value Limited amount of puzzles and levels
Overall Cool concept, but lacks content
App Name: iSo Kingdom (iTunes)
Version: 1.2
Price as of this writing: $0.99. A free version of this app is available.
iTunes category: Games
Available on: iPhone & iPod Touch
Developer: Zleepy Ztudios
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4S, iOS 4.0.1

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