Bag It!

Bag It! ($.99 on iPhone and $2.99 on iPad) by Hidden Variable Studios

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

I have to admit I was kind of expecting Bag It! to suck pretty hard… I mean, bagging groceries doesn’t sound like too much fun, right? Wrong! This is a surprisingly fun and engaging puzzle game where your job is to arrange groceries in a bag with different goals in mind depending on the game mode you’re playing.

The default game mode’s goal is to fit everything into an empty bag without breaking anything and it’s decent, but Rampage and Puzzle modes are really where Bag It! earns its stripes.

The goal in Rampage is to break everything! Way more fun than being careful. Puzzle Mode starts you off with a pre-arranged bag and your job is to figure out how to configure all the food items without squashing anything. There’s also a “Multi-Bag” mode but I haven’t played it yet because I’m still trying to unlock it!

Bag It! is definitely a good game, but I have one gripe and one suggestion for improving the gameplay:

Gripe: Flipping items is way too clunky. One user review called this game “Tetris meets Jenga” which is pretty accurate, but if flipping puzzle pieces in Tetris was as clumsy as it is in Bag It! then that game would have flopped big time. Flipping groceries in Bag It! requires a multi-touch gesture that’s frustrating in a bad way.

Suggestion: Incorporate some physics into the Rampage mode! I think breaking stuff would be a lot more fun if I could hurl a watermelon at a carton of eggs.

Otherwise Bag It! is pretty awesome. If you were looking for a new puzzle game to obsess over, this might be it!

Fun Indeed
Sound & Graphics Good
Controls Flipping items needs to improve
Replay Value Lots
Overall Get it!
App Name: Bag It! (iTunes)
Version: 1.2
Price as of this writing: $.99 on iPhone and $2.99 on iPad. A free version of this app is not available at this time.
iTunes category: Games
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: Hidden Variable Studios
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4, iOS 5.0

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