Top 25 Free: Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s

Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s (Free) by Ming Liang Chien

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s is currently #1 in the Top 25 Free section in the App Store

Top 25 is a new thing we’re doing here at IAR! We generally like to review apps that fall well outside the App Store’s Top 25 ‘cuz, let’s face it, apps that have reached “Top” status don’t need IAR’s help getting noticed. But are they any good?

Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s really is fun! And it’s pretty hard. It’s a collection of eight simple mini-games that are playable at three different levels of difficulty, and each mini-game is designed to piss you off, I mean, test your faculties. You’ll need quick reflexes and good motor control to successfully beat each level and not feel like a complete loser.

The mini-games that are included with this free version of Hardest Game Ever are:

  1. Tap when you see three of the same item
  2. Do simple addition math as fast as you can
  3. Hit the golf balls as far as you can
  4. Land the parachute guys on the target
  5. Cut the vegetable into equal parts
  6. Target practice
  7. Catch eggs as close to the red line as possible
  8. Stop the bomb timers as close to 0.00 as possible

I was able to complete all of the mini-games at all three levels in one sitting, but as you can see in the image above I didn’t do too hot at the “crazy” difficulty setting. If I dedicate my life to getting five stars on everything at all levels, though, I’ll get an extra 10 stages for free! Nice. This game provides frequent reminders that there is a paid version available that packs 34 challenges ($.99) but offering an incentive to really master the free version is a great way to add to the replay value.

This may not truly qualify as the “hardest game ever” but it’s definitely hard (*cough* TWSS) and definitely addictive. I haven’t played the paid version of this game because I’m just that cheap, but I’ll bet it’s well worth the dollar they want for it. If you’re also a cheap bastard, grab the free version! It’s worth the download.

Fun Yeah!
Sound & Graphics Good
Controls Easy, unless designed to be difficult
Replay Value Pretty good, especially with the 10 stage incentive
Overall Worthy of being in the Top 25
App Name: Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s (iTunes)
Version: 1.3.0
Price as of this writing: Free. :)
iTunes category: Games
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: Ming Liang Chien
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4, iOS 5.0

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