Troll Blaster

Troll Blaster ($0.99) by eMobiSoft Inc.

In Troll Blaster you shoot stuff across the screen with the goal of destroying a structure whose collapse will, in turn, kill all the little critters sitting on it. Sound familiar?

If you like Angry Birds then, at the very least, you’ll kind of like Troll Blaster. Is this app as good as the Birds? Not really. But it does do some things right and if you’re all bummed out ‘cuz you played through every Angry Birds level in existence then blasting some trolls might cheer you up.

Troll Blaster uses weapons instead of fowl, and unlike that other game this one lets you use the weapons in any order you want. I suppose it’s nice to have the freedom to mix up your attack, but the truth is most levels kind of demand a certain sequence anyway.

The main thing that Troll Blaster has going for it is that the gameplay is almost as addictive as what you’d find in Angry Birds. The animated destruction of falling objects isn’t quite as satisfying and overall there just isn’t the same level of spit & polish, but if the birds got you hooked then you probably will want to play and replay each level until you reign victorious over these little little troll bastards! I’ve gone through 15 levels of this game and for the most part they’re just as challenging as Angry Birds, some even more so.

One annoying bug I’ve found is that if you finish a level and exit to the menu instead of advancing to the next puzzle, you will have to replay the level you just solved. I’m hoping eMobiSoft fixes this issue in an update because, as we all know, this type of puzzle game can be frustrating enough without having to re-solve levels that have already been conquered.

Fun Yes!
Sound & Graphics Decent, but lots of room to improve
Controls Mostly smooth
Replay Value Some
Overall Not in the same class as Angry Birds but still fun to play
App Name: Troll Blaster (iTunes)
Version: 1.0.2
Price as of this writing: $0.99. A free version of this app is not available at this time.
iTunes category: Games
Optimized for: iPhone & iPad
Developer: eMobiSoft Inc.
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4, iOS 5.0

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