8 Great Halloween Apps

We’ve reviewed a lot of Halloween apps over the past few years… here’s a quick look at some of our favorites!

Singing Pumpkins (Free) (iTunes)

Singing Pumpkins is just one of those Halloween soundboard apps… tap and hear a spooky sound, and this one also makes goofy musical notes… but if I remember correctly it’s really well done and the kids will probably get a kick out of it.

Halloween Postage ($1.99) (iTunes)

Take your Halloween pics and dress them up with this greeting card app! It’s pretty slick and if you’re sending kiddie costume pics to the grandparents I’m sure they’ll be impressed as hell.

C@rds Master (Free) (iTunes)
Halloween C@rds ($1.99) (iTunes)

The C@rds line of greeting cards covers pretty much every major Hallmark holiday, and the C@rds Master app contains a sampling of all of them with in-app purchasing if you want an entire set that’s specifically Halloween or Christmas or whatever. Or you just grab Halloween C@rds and be done with it. It’s one of the best greeting card apps out there! For realz.

Halloween Wordsearch (Free) (iTunes)

I’m a little old for wordsearch apps, but assuming your kids aren’t then this is a nice freebie to entertain them with!

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