Holy Robinator!

I’m rather fond of cheesy little ‘shout a catchphrase’ apps, and there is no better way to end a Tuesday than to give out a bunch of free codes for the amusing Holy Robinator! by Little Bird Applictions.

Holy Robinator! comes with 60 wildly amusing “Holy” statements, all of them soundbites of classic Batman and Robin episodes. Ranging from “Holy contributing to the delinquency of minors!” (a personal favorite) to “Holy rats in a trap!” to “Holy schizophrenia!”, this app is chock full of giggle-out-loud sound bytes. Enjoy your Tuesday :D (Holy chocolate eclair!)

iTunes Link – Holy Robinator!

8 Responses to “Holy Robinator!”

  1. Tony M. Says:

    Play nice and make sure you LEAVE A COMMENT saying what code you took! If you get one, I’m sure the developer would also appreciate an App Store review!

    1. 6X9AH6K99PHW
    2. WYF7MTHX79Y3
    5. 76JAHJ4WNR9P
    6. XY77JK9RMJ63
    7. P379WX7WJ643
    8. 67AAHNTFH9NT
    10. 743R7MH37W9J

  2. ZureaL Says:

    I snagged XY77JK9RMJ63 (#6)

  3. Barbara Szyszkiewicz Says:

    I used code #9. Tried #10 and it said that one had been used.

    Looks like a fun app! Thanks!

  4. thed33p Says:

    Took no. 7


  5. Sahil Taneja Says:

    Didn’t take a code but still a pretty good app though..
    Nice review :)

  6. LJ Says:

    ” This is code Only valid for customers of the US Store” :roll:

  7. craaze Says:

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  8. Mike Says:

    Eh, I really didn’t like this app for some reason. I don’t know. I found another very similar app, that was very convenient.

    It had a different, but cool Soundboard<

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