Invaders World Tour

If you’re old enough to have loved (and possibly still love) Space Invaders and Galaxian, then Invaders World Tour should bring back some nice, greasy, zit-faced memories!

MeYuMe’s old-school arcade revival combines elements from two of gaming history’s most classic titles… bug-eyed aliens line up across the sky in nicely organized formations, and some of the aliens will occasionally fly down to try and kick your ass. Your little spaceship guy at the bottom of the screen is accelerometer-controlled, meaning that you have to tilt left and right to keep it from getting blown up, and just like in Space Invaders you get three shield barriers to hide behind when things get too hot to handle. Shooting the aliens down is as easy as tapping anywhere on the screen. The “World Tour” part of the game comes in the form of different backdrops for each stage that represent various locales like USA, Canada, France, and England. If you fail to clear a stage, the place you’re defending gets blown to bits by those naughty aliens.

Aside from the obvious difference in that 80s space aliens weren’t touring the world like Motley Crüe or Whitesnake, MeYuMe has built in some surprises such as power-ups and power-downs (btw I just made up that word) that get triggered by shooting down a big fuzzy ball of light that comes from the evil mothership moving across the top of the screen. The power-downs aren’t really all that devastating… sometimes you’ll be unable to fire for a couple seconds, and sometimes you’ll just get “bad luck”… but the power-ups can be pretty sweet. Gun upgrades are always nice, but my personal favorite is the one that restores your three shields back to full strength! I don’t remember that happening while I was pumping quarters into Space Invaders 30 years ago. Omg I remember stuff from 30 years ago… holy crap am I old!

So anyhoo, that’s the game. Like the other MeYuMe titles I’ve tried it’s competent and fairly polished and my only real criticism is that the gameplay can get kind of old after a while. The exact same thing was true for the arcade classics that apparently inspired Invaders World Tour, so if MeYuMe plans to improve this game with updates I hope they consider throwing in some more power-ups and maybe some boss fights to keep the action moving! I don’t know about the rest of the gaming world, but… for me… power-ups are really what I’m playing for. Global scores are great (something else this game needs!), but lots and lots of well-timed rewards for kicking alien ass always make games like this a lot more fun.

Whether you’re a nostalgia junkie or just in the mood for a simple shooter, Invaders World Tour is a good old school game that’s worth a buck. In its current form it probably won’t hold your attention forever and ever, but with some creative updates it could turn out to be way more fun than you ever had with Space Invaders.

iTunes Link – Invaders World Tour
Version 1.1
Reviewed on iPhone 3G 1.3.1

Thank you MeYuMe!

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4 Responses to “Invaders World Tour”

  1. ken keniff Says:

    great version of space invaders


  2. Steff Says:

    Well done! Fantastic classical game with new graphics and sound. Absolutely love it.

  3. Ross Says:

    all gone :-(

  4. Scott Wilson-Billing (Dev) Says:

    Just a quick note to say that we have released a monster update for Invaders World Tour:

    – OpenFeint – multiple leaderboards and achievements
    – Combo scoring system
    – Listen to your music
    – Sub games
    – Completely overhauled graphics
    – New invaders, saucers, powerups, missiles and shields
    – New special effects
    – Re-skinned menu system
    – Many more improvements throughout the game

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