(10+2)x5 Procrastination Hack

As far as working effectively goes, I am a black belt in procrastinating. In fact, I’m procrastinating at the moment from writing a research paper in order to review this app, which, ironically, is supposed to help end my procrastination. But at least it’s an incremental step.

(10+2)x5 Procrastination Hack  by EBratton revolves around the idea that if you commit 10 minutes to working on a task and then take a 2 minute break afterward, you will be able to ‘hack your procrastination to oblivion’ if you rinse and repeat the cycle 5 times. The app is essentially a single screen with a set of buttons and a timer that clocks how long you’ve been working, and when you deserve your scheduled 2 minute break ration.

For such a simplistic and bare-bones app, it gets the concept across pretty nicely. I find it much easier to work on a project when there is timer tracking my progress and keeping me motivated. While I found the app successful, these kinds of unique productivity apps will obviously have wildly different success rates from person to person.

For 2 dollars, I would have loved to see a little more bang for my buck. The app desperately needs the ability to customize and create your timers and work-play routines instead of forcing you to work for 10 minutes and play for 2 minutes. The app’s interface is decidedly average looking, and while it gets the job done, makes the app seem more like a watered-down lite version and not a polished product something someone would be prepared to pay for.

Despite its shortcomings, x5 Procrastination Hack is a quirky and interesting way to get off your butt and concentrate on a task. While the app’s lack of features and over-simple interface is a drawback, this app is certainly something you should consider if you’re a lazy bum like me looking for a new way to stop procrastinating and get motivated to do something.

iTunes Link – (10+2)x5 Procrastination Hack

Reviewed on iPod Touch 3.1.3

Version 1.3

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  1. Daniel Jilg Says:

    If you like, check out Tenplustwo, my take on the (10+2)*5 method. It has customizable timers, nice sounds and a clean and stylish interface. Link: http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/tenplustwo/id369596448?mt=8

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