Q & F: Wave Study Bible

I’m always on the lookout for affordable (read FREE) and feature-rich Bible applications for my iPod Touch and over the past several months, I’ve tried at least a handful of them.  Many are simply adequate, allowing me to access the verses I need to find when I need to find them.  Some are entirely dependent on a wireless connection, while others can access it both on and offline.  I may even have the choice of downloading a translation or two that I can use to compare verses.  None has truly contained everything I’ve really needed, however.

The Wave Study Bible is a visually appealing app that appears to have some very good potential.  It’s colorful, provides you with four free translations (Greek New Testament, King James, New English, and God’s Word) that can be stacked side by side for easy comparison.  Additional translations are available for a fee that seems a bit pricey to me: $14.99, but even if you opt not to purchase any, you’ve still got a pretty solid foundation of translations to work with. 

It’s a  fairly intuitive app, having been designed not for the Biblical scholar but the average, everyday Christian.  Verses can be shared through email, words in the Greek translation can be quickly defined, there are four distinct ways in which verses can be located, and there are a number of short tutorial articles covering everything from the application itself to how to read the Bible.  You’ve got nothing to lose with this app, so give it a gander when you’ve got some time.

Multiple translations side by side in landscape mode

Multiple translations side by side in landscape mode

iTunes Link – Wave Study Bible

Version 1.0.1

Tested on an iPod Touch 3.1.3

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