Giant Leap

UPDATE: This App has dropped from  $5.99 to $1.99!

In the game Giant Leap, you take the role of  Hero, a lone marine with a convenient case of amnesia.  With all his marine and scientist buddies killed in a freak alien attack, Hero is forced to wander the bloody halls of his ships fighting off hordes of Xoranid killers while reclaiming his lost memories. What happened on the ship? Are there any survivors? How did he lose his memories? If you can fight through the mountains of cliches, you’ll find that the basic game play in Giant Leap is quite enjoyable in the retro sense.

In each level, you are tasked with killing aliens and finding the little green glowing circle to advance to the next level. Sounds easy right? Well it most certainly is not. For one, there aren’t any save points in this game. So if you were to die after spending ten minutes on a level you’d have to start over from the very beginning. Secondly, Calculator Games employs a control design that makes moving and attacking frustrating to say the least. To move, you tap an area on the map. To attack, you tap an enemy on the map. Simple enough but to be successful in this game you’ll need to be able to move and attack at the same time. This is made difficult solely on the fact that the game engine can not differentiate between a “move here” tap and an “attack this guy” tap. On several occasions, I found myself running toward a group of aliens instead of running away and attacking them.  Use of the multitouch system can easily remedy this problem.

Control problems aside, Giant Leap is a great game to play if you’ve got a couple minutes to burn. It’s got a ton of levels to mess around on and plenty of weapons to keep the average person happy. On the flipside, I can’t imagine spending six dollars on a game like this. The price tag alone is enough for most people to give this app the cold shoulder. I’d wait for this app to drop in price before forking over the six bucks to play.

iTunes Link – Giant Leap

Version 1.0

Reviewed on iPhone 3G 3.1.3

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  1. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Haha, love the top-down view… reminds me of Bilestoad:

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