Q&F: HippoRemote LITE

Have you ever wanted to use your iPod Touch or iPhone (or iPad, I should add) as a wireless multi-purpose combination mouse and keyboard gizmo? The thought never really occurred to be. However, HippoRemote LITE by RoboHippo LLC offers some pretty neat functionality in a simple and easy to use utility.

Setting up the application for a Windows  OS involves downloading and installing a VNC client as opposed to a shorter route for Macs and computers running Linux. Thankfully, following the step by step guide in the app makes it very simple. Soon, I was able to surf the web and type on my computer using only my iTouch. Pretty neat. I’m sure everyone will have different results with this app, but I found the mouse and keyboard to be pretty responsive and easy to use, but in no way a replacement for my actual keyboard and mouse sitting on my desk about half a foot away.

The LITE version only offers up the mouse and keyboard function, but that’s basically the bulk of the app. Paid versions are ad-free, and contain some more intricate stuff like browser plugins, an arrow pad and macros.

All in all, HippoRemote LITE gives some pretty neat features and definitely warrants a download just to experiment with and play around with its features.

iTunes Link – HippoRemote LITE

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