Warlords: Call to Arms

The app store is filled with strategic warfare games by talented developers, the now obscure but once insanely popular game Cartoon Wars comes to mind, but it’s rare to finding such an exceptional and enjoyable game that is Warlords: Call To Arms by Greyhound Games. In short, everything about the app screams iPhone and iTouch gaming perfection, from the strategic and fast paced game play to the slick and pleasant graphics and sounds.

Warlord’s basic game play involves sending various units down lanes in a two-dimensional battlefield and watching them carve their way through the enemy units and hopefully meander to the other side. After each battle, you then sent on to conquer other territories in increasingly challenging battles. Fortunately, a variety of unique races and units add additional spice and strategy to an otherwise overused genre of app store strategy gaming. The battles range from short, fierce bursts of violence to more nuanced affairs- it all depends on the units you send out and the strategy you employ. Occasionally, I lost interest in a battle after a continually drawn out stalemate, but there was enough variety to keep me interested until the next mission.

The graphics and sounds aren’t anything to sneeze at either. The game is pure massive-battle-scene eye candy, making it a joy to watch your little men engage in combat with opposing armies. The sound quality and variety adds another layer of depth to the game, immersing you in the experience when you hear the ‘plink’ of arrows on armor or the ‘squelch’ of battleaxe on elf. Very impressive.

The game also boasts the option to upgrade your units attack or purchase newer units after each conquest. I appreciated the ability to expand my repertoire with some new units after battles, but the option of increasing attack power or speed did not make enough of an impact on battles. Otherwise, there isn’t that much to do between levels except to choose another place to attack. From time to time, I felt the enemy armies were growing powerful at a much faster rate than my own, but difficultly remained pretty even throughout the game.

Everything about Warlords: Call to Arms represents top notch game play, and is one of the best quality strategy games I’ve seen for the iPhone/iTouch platform. The game goes and exceeds expectations for this genre, and is a joy to play. Well worth the 2 dollars.

iTunes Link – Warlords: Call to Arms

Version 1.0

Reviewed on iPod Touch 3.1.2

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