Are you smarter than your friends? Here is your chance to prove just that. Ricochet Labs gives us QRANK the daily trivia challenge game where you try to beat no only your friends but the rest of the world.

Every day you are given 20 questions of which you must answer 15. The questions are divided by difficulty, eight questions worth 100 points, eight questions worth 200 points, and four questions worth 500 points. Three of the questions have multipliers to spice things up.

Each day has four separate categories of questions ranging from entertainment to government.
When you play you will notice some questions have a leaf on the tile , this means it is a current event question.

If all that isn’t enough slap on a huge list of achievements to get you jonesing for your next QRANK fix.

My only complaint is the game uses it’s own system for achievements and friending people, I wish they had gone with a system like open feint or the plus+ network.
If you would like to test your wits against mine, and I’m not about to put out my personal email, post a comment saying add me and make sure you put your email where it asks for it and I will add you.

iTunes Link – QRANK

Version 1.0.0

Reviewed on iPhone 3G OS 3.1.3

2 Responses to “Q&F: QRANK”

  1. John Egrton Says:

    How do I turn off the “music” that plays during the quiz?

  2. Brad H. Says:

    On the front page there is a little “i” in a white circle, this is the settings button. In settings you can set the music and sound effects off. Hope this helps.

    Brad H.

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