The iPad Part Two : The Review

As I opened the iPad box I noticed two things. The Apple stickers are slightly different and there is no smudge cloth. I was slightly bummed about the cloth but oh well. All the excitment of holding and looking at the iPad made me forget the agony to come…syncing. I synced all my photos first and tested the photo app. Amazing. I love how they incorperated the events, faces, and places menus and the whole pinch to see a preview of the pictures is way cool.

Next I loaded one of my sons animated movies and the They Might Be Giants Video podcast (all 28 Episodes) to check the video playback. The animated movie will be used to show off the ooo and aaa factor when I show people the iPad. I sat my son down on the couch and turned on the podcast for him to which he fell in love instantly. He was able to choose a new episode as soon as the previous one ended. So when it comes to usability even a two year old can figure it out.

Next on the list to load up were apps. Being that I just dropped close to 550 on the iPad itself my options will be free apps for a while. I was pleased to see a lot of the iPhone apps I was planing on loading up had updates to optimize to the iPad or separate free apps built for the iPad. The new apps I picked up were

iBooks: it comes pre loaded with a whinny the pooh book. The interaction with the pages is another great show off tool.

ABC Player: which is for catching up on ABC shows and the streaming quality is great.

Aurora Feint 3: beautiful graphics, fun little time waster.

Labyrinth 2 HD Light: perfect for showing off the accelerometer.

Toy Story Read Along : Disney hit it out of the park with this one.

We Rule for iPad : The ultimate wife winner-over.

I could go on and on about each one but this is about the iPad.

Next on my list was music and surprisingly enough I still had room for the 1000+ songs I wanted to put on the device.

My wife was not impressed in the least with the iPhone, she hated how often I would go on it or look at something so the thought of a bigger iPhone like device was not her idea of a great purchase. That was before she held it and played with it, now she thinks it’s one of the coolest devices we own.

I am glad I got my iPad on day one and I do think it’s the revolutionary device it has been hyped up to be.

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