The iPad Part One: The Journey

My journey started bright and early saturday morning. The alarm was set for 5:30 am but my brain woke me up around 5:15. There was no way I would be able to get back to sleep for that last 15 min. so i got up, got ready and went down stairs to brew up some coffee. I was out the door at around 5:30 coffee in hand and on my way. I sort of figured the Apple store would be a mad house so my destination was the only other place I knew that would have them. As I pulled into the parking lot I realized I was the first one there. I walked up to the store and an employee opened the door with a puzzled look on his face. I asked if they were getting iPads in and he said “oh yea you can start a line over here and we will be out at 9:30 to give out tickets.” I then started wondering how crazy I was to get there so early and If I would be the lone loon waiting for his iPad. I sat on the ground and started to zone listening to some podcasts. Around 6:00 another buyer pulled up asking if I was the iPad welcoming committee to which I thought thank goodness I wont be out here all by myself till the store opens. If my last count was correct eight people showed up to get in line. At 9:45 the nerd patrol came out with the tickets exclaiming they didn’t have any in stock and the tickets were used as preorder slips that would be reserved until 5:00 pm and we would get called when the shipment came in but of course the demo units were on display so we could come in to play with them when the store opened. Not what I wanted to hear but this is my trade off for not dealing with the crowd at the Apple store. I got my ticket, gave my phone number, went home, and got ready for work. I told my wife the story and she was then designated to get my iPad when I got the call.

Here is her story

With the kids loaded up my wife heads over to pick up the iPad. She asked an employee where she could pick up the held iPad and was sent to two places before ending up at that wonderful nerd patrol counter where they were being held. At this point the nerd asks my wife “You do know what this is right?” at which my wife replied ” No I usually spend 500 dollars on things without having any idea what it is.”  and since the nerd in question doesn’t understand sarcasm he goes on to tell my wife that she NEEDS to buy the extended warranty and blah blah blah. So finally she gets it payed for sans warranty and tells my two year old he can hold daddies toy when they get into the car. This obviously infuriated said nerd to no end because he got real stern with my wife and said ” No No he cant play with that, don’t you know its GLASS.

So when I got home I was greated with an iPad and no my son didn’t break it as a matter of fact he has had more screen time with the iPad than I have.

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